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Julie DesGroseilliers
Julie DesGroseilliers,
nutritionist and «I love 5 to 10 servings a day» campaign spokesperson
Photo credit : Isabelle Lamy

Checking facts is a healthy New Year’s resolution

It’s incredible what a popular topic healthy eating has become. Everybody’s talking about it. Unfortunately, not everybody gets their facts straight before they start talking. Although it may be going too far to say that nutritionists are the only ones you can trust, the fact remains that we’re the only ones who are legally recognized by the Professional Code as specialists in human nutrition and diet needs.

Try to avoid taking any wrong turns on the path to healthy eating in the New Year, and don’t believe everything you read or hear about nutrition. To help sort out what information out there is believable, I invite you to read my article “Who to believe…and what.”

Have a wonderful 2017…a year of enjoyment and excellent health!

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