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Turbocharge your salads

Fresh, juicy, and sweet as can be, fruit instantly transforms any “ordinary” salad into a refreshing meal with incredible appeal. Mesclun greens, canned salmon, diced fennel (bulb and leaves), orange and pink grapefruit supremes, and sesame seeds. Couscous, lentils, diced green apple, red seedless grapes, roasted almonds and cheddar cheese cubes. Chinese cabbage (Napa), spinach... More

California-style pita

Turkey, diced avocado, pineapple chunks, chopped green onion, lime juice, fresh cilantro and leaf lettuce. Like wow!

Fruit baguette

French bread, grilled chicken, goat cheese, mango slices, minced red onion, fresh basil and spinach. Voilà!

Sandwich sensations

Use grated carrots, roasted peppers, avocado slices, diced apples or pears and other fresh and tasty options to take your sandwiches to new heights. Mix small pieces of diced apples and celery into your tuna salad. Liven up salmon options by adding chunks of mango or pineapple. Squeeze currants or dried cranberries into Brie cheese slices to add zest to any chicken or ham sandwich. More

Start with veggies

Whether at the office or restaurant, always start your meal with a glass of vegetable juice, plate of raw veggies, salad or bowl of vegetable soup.

Mexican tortillas

Canned tuna, mayonnaise, cream cheese, cumin, black olives, canned corn, diced green pepper and tomato. Olé!