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5 to 10 servings a day?
It's easier than you think!


5 to 10 servings a day?
It's easier than you think!

You can download for free our Serving Chart. It is a perfect home checklist for healthy eating. Use it to learn all the equivalent portions for fruit and vegetable servings.

If you eat at least one fruit and one vegetable at each main meal, and at snack times, you'll get enough fruit and vegetable servings to meet your daily needs.

A "serving" means:

1 medium-sized fresh fruit or vegetable

60 ml (¼ cup) dried fruit

125 ml (½ cup) juice

125 ml (½ cup) fruit or vegetables (fresh, frozen or canned)

250 ml (1 cup) salad or uncooked green leafy vegetables, or 125 ml (½ cup) cooked green leafy vegetables


Apple1 medium
Apricot3 fresh fruit
Avocado½ fruit
Banana1 medium
Blueberrie125 ml, ½ t/c
Cantaloupe*125 m, ½ t/c
Cherrie20 fruits
Clementine2 medium
Fig fresh2 medium
Fruit juice125 ml, ½ t/c
Grape20 fruits
Grapefruit½ fruit
Honeydew melon125 ml, ½ t/c
Kiwi1 large fruit
Lychee10 fruits
Mango125 ml, ½ t/c,
½ fruit
Orange1 medium
Papaya½ fruit
Peach, plum,
1 medium fruit
Pear1 medium
Pineapple125 mL, ½ t/c, 1 slice
Rasberrie125 ml, ½ t/c
Strawberrie125 ml, ½ t/c
Tomato125 ml, ½ t/c
Watermelon125 ml, ½ t/c


Asparagus125 ml, ½ t/c, 6 spears
Bean green,
125 ml, ½ t/c
Beet125 ml, ½ t/c
Broccoli125 ml, ½ t/c
Brussels sprout125 ml, ½ t/c, 4 sprouts
Carrot125 ml, ½ t/c, 1 large
Cauliflower125 ml, ½ t/c,
4 flowerets
Celery1 medium stalk
Chinese cabbage125 ml, ½ t/c, cooked
Corn1 ear, 125 ml, ½ t/c
Cucumber125 ml, ½ t/c
Eggplant125 ml, ½ t/c
Endive250 ml, 1 t/c
Leek125 ml, ½ t/c, ½ leek
Lettuce250 ml, 1 t/c raw
Mushroom125 ml, ½ t/c
Pepper125 ml, ½ t/c, ½ medium
Potato125 mL, ½ t/c,
½ medium
Snow peas125 ml, ½ t/c
Spinach250 ml, 1 t/c, raw
Squash125 ml, ½ t/c
Sweet potato125 m, ½ t/c
Turnip125 ml, ½ t/c
Vegetable juice125 ml, ½ t/c
Zucchini squash125 ml, ½ t/c

Canada's Food Guide recommends eating at least 1 dark green and one orange vegetable
every day. Some orange coloured (*) fruit varieties may be substituted for an orange vegetable

Daily fruit and vegetable servings
recommended by Canada's Food Guide

Ages 2-3Ages 4-8Ages 9-13
Boys and Girls
Ages 14-18
Ages 19-50Ages 51 and +

Recommended servings

KIDS : Girls Boys
Ages 2-3 4 4
Ages 4-8 5 5
Ages 9-13 6 6
Ages 14-18 7 8
ADULTS : Women Men
Ages 19-50 7-8 8-10
Ages 51 and + 7 7